Summer time: November to April
Winter time: May to October



Pacific Blue Marlin


From 100 to 1430 pounds. Average weight 350 pounds. Caught all year round. Best months, November to April.

World Record: 1376 (Men)
Mauritian Record: 1355 lbs

Black Marlin


Mauritian record 752 pounds. Average weight 400 pounds. A great fighter. Caught all year round but found mostly in winter.

World Record: 1347 lbs
Mauritian Record: 794 lbs

Striped Marlin Fishing Mauritius


Only a few specimen are boated every year.


World record: 494 lbs
Mauritian Record: 243 lbs

Sailfish - Big Game Fishing - Mauritius


Not very abundant but more could be caught if they were fished for.

World Record: 141 lbs
Mauritian Record: 142 lbs

Dorado Fishing in Mauritius


Found all year round. Rarely exceeds 50 pounds. A wonderful fish giving good fun when played on light tackle.

World Record: 82 lbs
Mauritian Record: 68 lbs

Wahoo - Fishing in Mauritius


Found all year round. Average weight 45 pounds. Mauritian record being 125 pounds. Great fun on light tackle.

World Record: 149 lbs
Mauritian Record: 125 lbs

Mako Shark Fishing Mauritius IslandMAKO SHARK

Some specimens are caught every year. A dangerous shark and a fierce fighter.

World Record: 1115 lbs
Mauritian Record: 1115 lbs

Hammerhead Shark MauritiusHAMMERHEAD SHARK

Abundant in August and September and found also all year round.

World Record: 1280 lbs
Mauritian Record: 693 lbs

Blue Shark - Big Game Fishing MauritiusBLUE SHARK

Mauritius holds the world record in 130 pounds class for this species with a 400 pounder. Not abundant.

World Record: 400 lbs
Mauritian Record: 400 lbs

Tiger Shark Fishing Mauritius IslandTIGER SHARK

Will swallow anything that floats. Generally a good fighter. Our record is 1218 pounds.

World Record: 1780 lbs
Mauritian Record: 1218 lbs

Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing MauritiusYELLOW FIN TUNA

Big specimen, abundant in March and April, found all year round in different size. Weight does not exceed 200 pounds. A great fighter.

World Record: 388 lbs
Mauritian Record: 212 lbs

Dog Tooth Tuna MauritiusDOG TOOTH TUNA

Biggest specimen boated weighed 230 pounds, the world record in 50 pounds line class. Many possibilities for new world record.

World Record: 224 lbs (80 lbs line)
Mauritian Record: 212 lbs