Our base of operation, situated in Black River, on the west coast of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, has been the place for more than 50 years of fantastic deep-sea fishing activities with unforgettable and emotional fights against blue marlins and other fish, while showing great respect for the fish and nature.

In 1999, Pascal, Jean Pierre’s son, joined the family business and throughout the years, added new fishing techniques such as jigging, popping and drop shot to the traditional marlin fishing.

In 2000, JP Henry Charter diversified its activities with catamaran sailing cruises and in 2005 we started offering “Swimming with dolphins” excursions. In 2010, the elder son Dominic joined the company to manage the boathouses services in several hotels along the coasts of the island.

Fishing in Mauritius - Fishing History

Fishing in Mauritius - Fishing History

The Fishing Club

The Fishing Club was founded in 1955 by the three Mauritians; Allan Cambier, Maurice Henry and Jacques De Robillard, the pioneers of deep sea fishing in Mauritius.

Several international competitions have taken place at the Fishing Club such as:
• The Marlin World Cup
• The Billfish Masters
• The famous Billfish Release.

The fishing club is entering the third millennium with a rich history and a brilliant future. Famous fishermen from all over the world have visited us and are still fishing in our deep blue sea.

Fishing History - Black River - Mauritius

Big Game Fishing Mauritius - Fishing History

Big Game Fishing in Mauritius - Fishing History